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with all his blesses and generosity he finally came
along way we walked with out a certain aim
days and nights were the same
the air was heavy to respirate
the food was available but with no appetite to eat.
what is the secret behind all that ???
what is the magic in those thirty days?
there is something invisible and cannot be heard
you only feel it with every cell and tiny hair
enjoy it and wish to last for the whole year
the sound of azan is unique
bowing and prostrating men are antiques
hearing and reciting Quran is a melody of a miraculous technique.
family gathering for iftar and sohor is a bounty even with no speak
I don’t know if we deserve that blessing or we are just in need???
please do a lot of good deeds
as much as you can help, smile, forgive and donate
perhaps you rescue yourself from hellfire
or you have a sin in need to be erased
Allah and an army of angels are around you ready to forgive and release.
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