The most dangerous affects of a nation, when the criminals transmute into ghosts


The most dangerous affects of a nation, when the criminals transmute into ghosts who we neither see, nor hear their voices, we do not know the successive blows.

The celebration of World Press Freedom Day is in memory of a free press, which has become a right of citizens. All respect for the role of the press freedom of observe the regulators and operate the fight against the phenomena of abuse, corruption and abuse as well as the expenditure of public funds. A reminder that freedom of expression and the need for media independence and pluralism should be allowed to enjoy their importance in the administration of the municipalities of democracy through greater transparency that promotes responsibility, promoting participation and the rule of law 

In this continuing anniversary of memories, “reporters around the world ALBORKAN-organization” wants to bring sincere condolences to the martyrs of the press expressed their families.

We assure the martyrs, who were killed in more than one place during the course of their duty, have the pride, not only of the Arab nations, but also of the entire world.

On that day, says the Organisation for the values ​​and principles of the following:

First, there is no democracy without a free press, no free press without the right of journalists in the exercise of their profession, in safety and without restrictions or terrorism.

“ALBORKAN / Reporters around the world” condemned the repression of journalists who will be practiced by the political authorities. The military authorities govern with military machines in the countries, as is the case in Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Iran etc.

The true solemn day of the press release is the release journalist himself.

If the journalist can freely and safely pursue all forms of threats of murder, imprisonment, tyranny and exploitation his obligation.

A real democracy without freedom of the press and respect for the dignity of the journalist and create jobs fair for journalists so that they exert held high darlings their profession and their heads,

No freedom to the loyalty of the press, if his pen and his own conscience and the rules of his profession precedence.

No freedom of the press, without exemption from the authorities and the oppression of dictators.

The editors who bring the defense of the freedom to flaunt in public but in reality they hurt at work may have no place.

The organization includes media figures around the world voice for the campaign by the Arab Observatory for freedom of information and freedom of the press, demanding the Egyptian military, the immediate release of all journalists.

The organization “ALBORKAN Volcano” media of people around the world, which promises dictatorial leaders to pursue around the world and expose their crimes and unfairness of the world public

Finally, we ask God on this occasion to enjoy the freedom of the whole world, and to reconcile freedom heroes in their struggle and their struggle against the dictators.

Organization of the volcano-ALBORKAN “alborkan.net”

“Reporters around the world.”

Vienna 3 / May / 2014

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