Robert Fisk: the supporters of President Mursi are the most powerful

The whole world has become convinced that I have not made a mistake when I said that supporters of Mursi are the stronger part


 :The British journalist… Robert Fisk has been said


When you describe the supporters of President Mursi party the most powerful and influential you are accused of exaggerating… And now proved to the world their ability to upset and confuse the Gulf Cooperation Council… and destabilize the US-Russian relations… and moving tens of neutral states of the United Nations for their support… and create a map of new alliances in the Middle East, the whole. ll

Not only this, but have acquired from their experience and what they will provide years of research and young people knew what the word means intelligence and what is the role played by and how you can nip corruption and filling its sources and its extraction from its roots. ll

Crowds that descended on Friday moved the stagnant water in the entire world… and revealed to everyone the size of the power of the people angry… and more countries supporting the coup are America and Israel, followed by Saudi Arabia, which died king mentally and become a power distributed to a few close now are also in trouble and do not deny fault, which shook the stability in the region because of the steadfastness of a large class of the Egyptian people and claim the return of the elected president and succeeded to put the military rebels in this category incapacitate for the management of the state and can now say that Egypt did not stand, but Egypt’s rapidly retreating frightening and terrifying and the military fear of falling alone and see the fall of everyone. ll



“Robert Fisk is a multiple award-winning journalist on the Middle East, based in Beirut”. ll




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