the greatest sin الخطيئة العظمى

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do you know what is the greatest sin???
and the mother of all evil things
which can drive you to hell
and it worse than the kill
you have to take my words as a bell.
do you know what beat out shaiten from heaven??
and from God pity??
did he stop worshiping or believing???
did he steal or kill???
do you know what was his biggest crime??
and for it he will burn in hell to the endless time.
do you get it now or still need overtime???
it is the ego
he said you made me from fire and made home from clay.
how can I prostrate to him or even obey.
God said so get out from here and our date is in the judgment day.
shaiten continued his arrogance
saying then I will seduce him and all his race.
Allah said go and who will fellow you.
I will fill the hell of all of you.
and hereafter will be time of show.
now do you know?
what made him devil?
do you know now what is the source of evil?
do you understand what killed hapil?
did you ever noticed that’s mean we are descendants of qapil???
did you know now what is your true war??
it is not how to rise.
it is how to be smaller in size.
and this is extremely wise.
then you sure will get you prize.
from the owner of paradise
written by

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