Servitude to God is freedom .. no God but Allah

written by

قالوا مالها البت ديه

Mona Yousef

no God but Allah


I kneel with my eyes on ground

I beg all the time without caring whose around

I stick my nose to the floor and I am proud

I hurry to answer His calls without a complain or a single sound

I stop eating, drinking and any  entertainment for hours just to make Him content

my tears runs if He turns his face around

my eyes can’t sleep if I have made something could weaken our bond.

that’s my ultimate aim.

and the only thing that I want to be fame.


to keep myself within that frame

and this is not a matter of shame

if I just achieved that plan

with no a complain

for any passing pain

only then I will win

I could break all life chains

and open all locked doors in my brain.

I am going to see the whole universe tiny as I am looking from a rocket or a plane

I will see His beauty and perfection in each particle and it’s contain.

do you need something more to gaine??

I will be the master of the whole world if truly succeded to be His loyal slave

please God accept me as you did with your chosen orphan alone in the cave.

written by

Bent al, Akrmin

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