Bless of Islam.. I have reverted to islam

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Bless of Islam
I have reverted to islam.
Yes, really and truly and what a lucky I am.
And all the favor goes only for the descendant of Quran.
Let me tell you how the story began?
I am a daughter of a Muslim man
Who prays five times and fast Ramadan.
He insisted to teach me Hala and haram.
And he was really firm.
May be because he was afraid on me or just it is his way to let me learn.
I didn’t know ever what is the purpose of pray.
He only said you are a Muslim so that’s the way.
So I started to pray just to make him satisfay.
Then came the time for hijab
All my friends ware it and everyone has their reason but the title was thawab.
Soon it become a fashion or a famous brand.
It became a custom for all levels even the bad.
So I ware it and the reason was sarisfaying certain demand.
May be from my Lord but sure from my dad.
That’s was islam to me…..
Isn’t that sad??!!!
Then I faced many problems which made me thought I will be mad.
But I heard repeatedly a certain verse from Quran
which says ” worship you Lord until certainty obtained”.
That’s why I always kept a single strand.
Between me and God.
I always asked myself what if I didn’t born as a Muslim…do I will revert to islam???
I knew it is the best religion but I didn’t feel the same.
But I truly asked God to show me the way for islam.
Slowly the light rays appeared
And increasingly spread
and the voice of Quran became continuesly into my head
So I started to read the day and night reminders and recite two Quran pages before going to bed.
soon I started tasting the sweetness, magic and the hidden bright.
I was having a treasure on my shelf covered with dirt.
And what I have done to him or with him kissing and put him aside?
He should be my closest friend
on whom I only depend.
and he will take care of my defend
He is my mother who hugs me when I feel offened.
He is my father who holds my back from bieng bend.
He is my siblings who protect me from the wind.
And with him I wish to be my end.
Now I feel secure.
And for any harm I can endure.
I am the most rich and happy woman on universe.
That’s what I feel when I recite a single verse.
Thanks God for the bless of Islam and it is more than a satisfying bless.
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