The Heaven الجنة

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I don’t care about what I have given
Neither what I have forbidden
As I long as I am looking forward to my heaven
Yes I have a heaven
Snd it is not a secret to be hidden.
Every one have his place in heaven
He only have to work and ask for forgiven.
Just put your target to win one out of seven
Its width like the width of earth and heavens.
And contains what have never heard or seen by a human.
And a lot of fruits that never forbidden.
Its palace’s bricks are silver and golden.
And the flowers are alwayes blooming.
With colors exceeds our knowing.
The breeze is musky and refreshing.
And under its ground rivers are running
Rivers of milk, wine and honey purified and tasting
The sounds of birds are sweet and relaxing
You will never get tired or starving
Never feel sad or boring.
That’s means I can do shopping and bowling.
Every night and in the morning.
Is not that the ultimate blessing.
Do you still attracted to the life appeal?
And you feel like a wheel.
that never stop in order to fulfill
Life requirements without a freewill.
So work only to win the heaven and the whole world will kneel.
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